Episode 2 (“Where is My Feasibility Report?!?”)

By Daragh O Brien
September 2, 2019
7min read

Episode 2 of the Castlebridge Podcast is out today. In it we discuss a number of media stories that broke in Ireland over the last month or so that have a data management perspective. In the recording, we discuss the role of strategy and your strategic vision in your data management planning, the importance of understanding the value that data can bring to the organisation, and the need to ensure appropriate governance on data-related (and data-driven) decision making.

Listen to the podcast here:

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Background Links

CCTV in Creches

Public Services Card report from Data Protection Commission

Apple/Siri transcription issues

OPW Visitors Book and GDPR

The Acquisition/Analysis/Action life cycle

Daragh refers to this in the podcast. It’s a simple life cycle model we use to help clients analyse and define their information strategy and assess issues and risks at three key phases. It’s discussed in Daragh and Katherine’s book. Basically, it requires you to consider how you are getting data (and the issues/risks/opportunities at that phase), how you will analyse the data (including how it will be done/resourced, and what the questions are you will want answered), and what you will then do with the answers you get from the data (what Actions will you take).

Data Quality


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