Building the Data Route Map for a Passenger Bus Company

Castlebridge worked with the Data Protection Officer and the Senior Management Team of a transport operator to help navigate a route from their legacy levels of data management maturity to a desired target destination in an environment faced with regulatory and operational challenges and a need to evolve and improve its use of information for the benefit of its passengers and the wider community.

Air Traffic Control for an Airline’s Data

Castlebridge helped a leading airline develop the strategy and roadmap for Data Governance to ensure effective Air Traffic Control for their data management evolution and day to day operations

Mapping Data Strategy for an Industry Educator

Castlebridge helped an internationally recognised professional organisation fill in the data-shaped gaps in their strategic transformation vision, leading to an improved implementation approach for their business strategy to serve and support their individual members and their industry sponsors.

Medical Messaging Software

Castlebridge worked with an early stage MedTech startup working in the medical messaging space, advising on the implementation of Data Protection by Design and providing outsource DPO services.