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The ancient strategist Sun Tzu advised that generals needed to know their own armies and their capabilities before entering into combat. The same is true of organizations and their data capabilities. Castlebridge offers a range of services to help data leaders understand their strengths and weaknesses and avoid data disasters.

When asked what single event was most helpful in developing the Theory of Relativity, Albert Einstein replied, “Figuring out how to think about the problem”

W.Edwards Deming

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Gap Analysis

A Gap Analysis is an examination of your organization’s current performance to help identify the differences between what you do now and what you need to be doing so you can better reach your business goals.

Castlebridge undertake gap analysis assessments for data strategy strategy, data governance, data change programme implementation planning, and for data protection compliance.

Our approach to Gap Analysis takes a holistic view of the data landscape and the policies, processes, and risks to the organization.  We identify what data management capabilities you have, and what you need to develop to support your organization’s strategic goals and objectives. The key outputs from a Gap Analysis are an analysis of where you are, a risk register, a plan for remediation and mitigation of risks, and a roadmap to the implementation and management of the required change.

We also use our Gap Analysis methodology to conduct commercial due diligence on the data aspects of a business in the context of mergers, acquisitions, or investment.

For example, we can perform a gap analysis on the data protection controls and data quality controls in a personal data-rich business to identify any problems with the quality of data or the lawfulness of processing, in the same way that you would have a surveyor check out a building you might be buying for your business or an engineer assess second-hand machinery to make sure it is safe to use.

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Sometimes, the best way to drive progress or change in our organizations or ourselves is to find role models to emulate. Benchmarking provides this to data leaders.

Both our research organization and consulting service can help you with your benchmarking needs.

Our research team work with leading academic and industry partners to conduct benchmarking surveys and related research. We also conduct our own benchmarking studies into data management and data protection practices, for example our research into the standard of Article 30 ROPAs in Irish Public Sector and Semi-state organizations.

Our consultants regularly carry out client benchmarking in the utilities and financial services sectors to help organizations better understand the gaps and opportunities in their data strategies and data management practices. We also benchmark technology tools and application to better enable data leaders to make needs-driven choices in technology solutions, and to formulate their own specifications and ‘shopping list’ before going to the market seeking tools to accelerate and enable their data change.

Maturity Assessments

A Capability Maturity Assessment is similar to but different from both a Gap Analysis and a Benchmarking Assessment.

A Gap Analysis looks at your organization’s ability to perform to or comply with a required standard of performance. This is often imposed by industry standards or regulatory requirements.

Benchmarking measures your competencies and practices against the competencies and practices of others, often through a series of objective methods and practices statements. But it is still measuring you against an external reference.

Maturity Assessments are different. They place the focus on what your organization is capable of today and what it needs to be capable of doing to succeed tomorrow. The focus is on your performance against yourself, with the emphasis on developing the capabilities and competencies of the data leaders in your organization so the organization can lead in your industry or sector.

Castlebridge uses a variety of tools to perform maturity assessments, from our own proprietary assessment framework that combines the best elements of a number of models, to standard models produced by the Innovation Value Institute in NUI Maynooth.

Our maturity assessment frameworks have been developed over the life of the company to support assessments for data governance, data quality, data protection, and other data management disciplines. We also can provide assessments for data literacy and ethical data management practices.

The outputs of our assessments are not just scores but include pragmatic and practical solutions and roadmaps for data maturity improvement to support your organization’s strategic goals.

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