Talk Data To Me: The one where we think about burning it all down (S2Ep4)

By Daragh O Brien
October 5, 2021
2min read

Back after an extended summer hiatus during which NOTHING happened in the world of #Data, #DataProtection, #Brexit, or #DataGovernance, Daragh is joined by Carey Lening, Eoin Cannon, and Katherine O’Keefe to talk about a range of topics.

Things we touch on in this episode:

  • The WhatsApp DPC fine decision (and the pros and cons of where we now find ourselves)
  • The UK’s bizarre approach to making and breaking deals on things that are central to a chunk of their economy.
  • The difference between digital literacy, data literacy, and knowing how to get stuff done with data.

Useful Resources

Here’s some links to blog posts and other resources relevant to the topics covered in this month’s podcast:

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