Supporting Data Leadership

The Leader’s Data Group

Castlebridge is proud to support and contribute to the Leader’s Data Group in their mission to drive data excellence and improve management practices and understanding about data as critical business asset. We support the Leader’s Data Manifesto, now published in over 20 languages.

The Leader’s Data Group is not a membership organisation, it is a Community of Practice for practitioners to contribute collectively to practical measures aimed at improving management understanding of data.

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The Leader’s Data Group Mission

The Leader’s Data Group recognises that “data assets need data leaders”. To that end, the group conducts practitioner-led research and analysis on practical approaches to raising awareness of data issues and moving the conversation on data out of the IT function into the boardroom, and beyond.

Drawing on a network of internationally recognised pioneers in the broad field of data management, the goal is to provide simple tools that start conversations about the meaning, purpose, and value of data.

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Data offers enormous untapped potential to create competitive advantage, new wealth and jobs; improve healthcare; keep us all safer; and otherwise improve the human condition

The Leader’s Data Manifesto

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