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Strategic Consulting

We help you put data at the heart of your business strategy, delivering solutions that align your data management capabilities with your business goals and ambition.

With our broad range of business, regulatory, technology, and data management expertise we provide clients with strategic insights honed by experience in execution.

Through our holistic approach to data as a business asset, we help you implement appropriate frameworks and foundational practices to sustainably transform how your organisation uses and values data, without compromising on regulatory compliance or data ethics.

From financial services and utilities to start-ups and government agencies, we have been providing strategic advice on data governance, data quality, data protection and more, helping organisations deliver better data outcomes for stakeholders.

Sound strategy starts with having the right goal.

Michael Porter

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Aligning your Business Goals and Data Capabilities by…

Defining and aligning Business and Data Strategies
Developing and Implementing “right for you” Data Governance Frameworks
Data Culture Change: Building in Data Protection by Design and Data Quality by Default into Business as Usual
Building your Core Business Language, developing Data Models, and mapping your Data Landscape
Advising on Data Protection Impact Assessments for products, services, or business models
Guiding you on the data implications of mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures
Defining clear requirements for enabling data tools and technologies to empower your people
Helping you identify and mitigate data-related risks to your strategic plan
Developing the operational capabilities needed to manage data from acquisition to action
Strategic Consulting

How We Can Help You

Castlebridge apply proven models and pragmatic experience to help you do great things with data.

Our business-centric holistic approach to the management and governance of data as a core strategic asset of your business means that we can make connections, see opportunities, and anticipate risks that others might overlook along the entire life cycle of data.

We help you develop a strategic perspective on data that goes beyond a technology and tools focus to ensure a broad foundation for data transformation success. We are experts in helping you understand and unlock the sustainable value of data at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels in your organisation.

From data modelling to data due diligence, we support clients across financial services, utilities, government, and other sectors with objective and evidence-based guidance on their strategy for succeeding with data.

Jenga Framework

Find out how we can help you align your data vision and define your data strategy for business success!

What We Do


From outsourced DPOs to project support executing strategic data initiatives, Castlebridge can help!

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Data Success needs Leader Data Literacy! We provide training and coaching for Data Leaders.

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Stuck on Data Strategy? Data Governance gummed up? Data Protection in the pits? We can help!

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Baseline your organisation’s data improvement roadmap with a Gap Analysis or Maturity Assessment!

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