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Organisations of all sizes today struggle with the need to manage data as an asset, including ensuring staff understand the regulatory requirements of putting data to work in a responsible way. This is the vast majority of all data and digital transformation initiatives fail to deliver as promised.

Simply put, many of the staff in organisation’s today have not had any training in how to manage data as an asset. This is compounded by a focus on data skills training that emphasises tools and technologies before principles and practices.

With great power comes great responsibility. But without appropriate skills development for Data Leaders, there can be no accountability!

Lack of Knowledge, that’s the problem!

W. Edwards Deming

The Castlebridge Data Education Model

Castlebridge has designed a range of training and management education programmes for staff in organisations to help Data Leaders and “Data Doers” develop the required skills and competencies in a way that best fits the time-budget and money-budget needs of the organisation. All instructors are experienced consultants and have formal qualifications as trainers. This Data and Information Management Education (DIME) framework maps many of our courses to the learning objectives of relevant certifications.

Developing Data Literacy as “Competence in Context”

While it is tempting for organisations to adopt a “one-size fits all” approach to training, the Castlebridge approach to Data Literacy encourages organisations to think about the data knowledge needs of their staff in the context of their job roles and functions and tailor training accordingly.

Different Modes of Delivery

Castlebridge provides training in a number of ways to meet the needs of organisations and learners. You can choose from:

  • Public eLearning at to learn in your own time.
  • Public Classroom learning (online or in person) – so you can learn in small groups with other learners.
  • Private in-house versions of public courses
    • This can include classroom-based, on-line instructor led, or blended delivery of courses.
  • Bespoke in-house courses tailored to your organisation

A number of organisations also resell Castlebridge courses to their clients through reseller agreements or partnerships.

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Supporting Responsible Data Handling

Data Protection Courses

We offer a range of courses in various aspects of data protection for experienced professionals, newcomers to data protection roles, or general staff or Executive Board awareness training.

Topics covered by our Data Protection courses include:

  • Data Protection Fundamentals (an introduction to core principles and concepts)
  • Data Protection Advanced Topics (a more in-depth course for newly appointed DPOs
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments (a “how to” course)
  • Subject Access Request Handling (a practical “how-to” course)
  • Data Breach Incident Handling
  • Understanding Data Protection by Design & Default
  • Data Protection Essential Insights for the Board (a summary presentation for C-Level management or higher).

Some courses are available as public elearning. Others are in-house delivery only for clients. Our Fundamentals and Advanced courses map to the learning objectives of leading certifications for data protection professionals.

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Enabling Business Strategy through Data

Data Strategy and Data Governance

Through our DIME education framework, Castlebridge helps Data Leaders and “Data Doers” in organisations understand the challenges and opportunities of managing data as a strategic asset and implementing appropriate governance frameworks to support data quality objectives, process efficiency targets, or regulatory compliance obligations.

Courses include:

  • Introduction to Data Governance
  • Implementing Data Governance
  • Data Strategy Essentials for Business Data Leaders
  • Introduction to Data Management, with a focus on Strategy and Governance
  • Introduction to Ethical Data Management

As with all our courses, where possible we have mapped to the learning objectives of relevant professional certifications to ensure learners can progress to seek certifications if they wish.

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Enabling Business Effectiveness through Data

Data Management Courses

The Castlebridge DIME Framework provides a holistic overview of data management disciplines for data leaders in a technology neutral approach that focuses on fundamental management competencies and capabilities for day to day management of data to deliver effective data outcomes.

Courses include:

  • Data Management Essentials – an overview of key data management disciplines
  • Introduction to Data Modelling for Data Leaders
  • Introduction to Data Quality Management
  • Data Quality Management Advanced

As with all our courses, where possible we have mapped to the learning objectives of relevant professional certifications to ensure learners can progress to seek certifications if they wish.

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Supporting Effective Data Leadership

Soft Skills courses for Data Leaders and DPOs

Over the past decade, our team have presented at conferences around the world on “soft skills” for data leaders and DPOs (we’ve even gotten this stuff on the syllabus of some academic and professional courses for data professionals). As part of the DIME framework, Castlebridge recognises that data leaders will often need other skills to help them become effective in their roles. We offer in-house courses for clients on a range of  these “soft-skill” disciplines.

Courses include:

  • Understanding Change Management
  • Developing communications strategies for change using narrative and story telling
  • Project Management Principles and Practices
  • Communication skills for Data Leaders
  • Strategies for managing conflict in organisation change.

These are only available as in-house or limited capacity in-person courses at this time.

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