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Data Protection: Get the Basics

Organisations have a responsibility to ensure that management and staff get appropriate Data Protection training.Join us on the 19th and 20th of October for an intensive education in the fundamentals of Data Protection Compliance.

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Peter Drucker: Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly or it vanishes

Introduction to Information Governance

Information & Data Governance is increasingly important in organisations of all size, but has only been recognised as a distinct discipline in recent years.Join us on the 29th of October for an indepth introduction to this increasingly important skill set.

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Upcoming Events

Check out the courses and events our team are delivering or presenting at in Ireland and internationally!Training, conferences, CPD sessions, and MORE!

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Introduction to Information Quality

Poor quality information costs organisations between 10% and 35% of Turnover.This course will provide learners with a detailed insight into the principles and practices of this critical management discipline.

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quality is never an accident. it is always the result of high intention and sincere effort

DP through Info Governance & Quality lens

Go Beyond Basics! Join us on 25th & 26th of November to learn how Data Protection principles are delivered through proven practices from a range of Data Management disciplines.

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drucker: the most efficient way to produce anything is to bring together under one management

Free Whitepaper: Subject Access Requests

Get our latest whitepaper on Subject Access Requests.How well does your organisation stack up?How can Information Governance practices help?

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Research Report: Health Identifiers

Castlebridge Associates has recently published a research report on the practical Information Governance and Data Protection issues associated with the introduction of Health Identifiers in the Health Identifiers Act 2014.Purchase here for €70 (ex VAT).

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Person hidden by data (ones and zeros)

EDBI Conference - London

Join us at one of Europe's longest running and most influential Information Management Conferences!Featured speakers include industry giants such as Alec Sharp, Jan Henderyckx, and our own Daragh O Brien 

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CMG Data Protection Conference

Daragh O Brien is one of the featured speakers at this 1-day Data Protection conference in Dublin on 8th October

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EU Data Protection Conference

Data Protection, Information Governance, Information Quality

What We Do

We provide a range of pragmatic and practical consulting services to clients to support strategic planning and execution in the areas of

  • Information & Data Governance
  • Informtion Strategy
  • Information Quality Improvement
  • Data Protection Compliance

We apply our in-house structured methodologies to help clients deliver tangible results quickly and effectively

We provide a range of education, training, and coaching services to clients.

  • 1-to-1 "Bootcamp" instruction
  • Online instructor lead instruction
  • On-site training
  • Coaching
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Bespoke/Tailored education

Our training materials are aligned with leading certification syllabus requirements. All trainers are experienced practitioners.

Our current Public Training Catalogue can be found HERE

We promote awareness of information management issues & opportunities through:

  • Research studies, Whitepapers, & Publications
  • Media comment / debate
  • Support for Civic Society organisations
  • Presentations at Conferences

Our team are all internationally rated conference speakers and tutors.

Who We Are

Castlebridge Associates is a specialist firm providing insight, advice, and education for organisations looking to improve their approach to managing and benefiting from information.

Drawing on almost two decades of experience and leadership at the interface of Business and Technology, we apply proven methods and pragmatic approaches to help organisations of all sizes unlock the value in their information with a holistic perspective that makes strategic connections between Information Governance, Data Privacy, and Information Quality. 

Our Clients

If your organisation is using information, you are a potential client of Castlebridge Associates.

We work with a wide range of clients from start-ups to Public Service bodies, from Financial Services to Non-Profits.

In addition to our services to businesses, we also support individuals who avail of our training and coaching services to help develop their professional skills in Information Management disciplines.

To find out more about the types of engagement we undertake, take a look at our Case Studies, which are updated regularly.

Our Vision

Our simple aim is to change how people in organisations think about information so that they can better:

  • Value it
  • Trust it
  • Nurture it
  • Enjoy it

In doing so, we will contribute to a better society supported by trusted and trustworthy information.

Our Mission

Our mission is to change how people in organisations think about information so they can add value, deliver benefits, and avoid risk.

We achieve this through a pragmatic evidence-based focus on human factors in the management of Information that affect how people in organisations understand and deliver on the Information and Process outcomes their customers want, as well as a practical perspective on the role of technology in Information Management.

We apply recognised reference standards and frameworks to client challenges, applying fundamental principles in innovative ways to address newly emerging needs and opportunities. 

Recent Blog Posts

Ethics Schmethics, Indians Schmindians

Action indeed is the sole medium of expression for ethics - Jane Addams

There is a lot of talk about ethics in information management at the moment. Everyone from Gartner and the European Data Protection Supervisor on down is writing about it. It's been a topic on the periphery of things for many years (I've found one book on the topic from 1995).

The problem is that talk is cheap. Everyone is happy to talk about Ethics, and it is difficult to find anyone who would admit to thinking ethics should not be a concern for people working in information today. Indeed, week after week we see examples in the media of unethical, or non-ethically minded, decisions in organisations. From ad blockers versus on-line marketing, to 'cheat devices' fitted to car engines to fool regulators, poor ethical choices seem to be the order of the day.

The challenge we have in organisations (and society) is the step to take beyond talking about ethics, the one we take when we start to actually do something about ethics. Jane Addams (one of the founders of the ACLU) correctly said that "action was the sole medium of expression". Talk is cheap. 

The opportunity lies in understanding how to align ethical principles with information management practices. This is not easy, but is achievable. The first step is to actually define what we mean by ethics and develop some ethical principles within the culture of the organisation. Those ethical principles need to balance the internal ethic of the organisation with the ethical expectations of society. Ad blockers are becoming more prevalent not least because the online advertising industry largely decided to ignore Do Not Track settings in browsers, so the societal ethic kicks in and a solution emerges. 

Of course, this change of ethic needs to be communicated and applied consistently across Business, Information, and Technology domains in an organisation. It also needs to be communicated vertically within the organisation as well, so that there is consistency between strategic and operational perspectives on what needs to be done and why. Ultimately, ethical considerations should be a factor in Information Architecture planning just as much as they should form part of Business Strategic planning. That requires an effective Information Governance framework that supports and aligns the Organisational Ethic with the Societal ethic.

Latest News

Latest CJEU Cases: Bara & Weltimmo

CJEU in full sesion

Two big EU Court of Justice rulings today (with another biggie due next week). Both of them are very significant, and one directly relates to advisory work we've been doing with a large Public Sector body (so we have to be careful how we discuss it). Links to the actual text of each ruling will be linked here when they become available, and the detail of our assessment may be updated as we review the specifics of each ruling during the coming days. (Also: we're not lawyers, we just work with some really good ones, so this is commentary, not legal advice).


This case relates to the transfer of personal data between Public Administrative bodies. The Court has ruled that Data Subjects must be informed in advance of transfers between Public Bodies. It also is implicit in the Courts findings that the requirement for the transfer to be taking place with a specific legislative basis. The upshot of this case, when taken with the Irish Data Protection Commissioner's very clear guidance on data transfers in the Public Sector, is that Public Sector data sharing needs to be conducted:

  • On the basis of a primary legislative basis
  • With a clear prior communication of the existence of the legal basis for the processing and the relevant controls governing the processing
  • And communication by the RECEIVING Data Controller of their identity and the other elements of a Fair Processing notice.

It is not enough to have "a bit of a law", the other elements of the Directive must be complied with. It would also suggest that proper Privacy Impact Assessments on projects in Public Sector bodies must be conducted to ensure that any data transfers that are envisaged for the purposes of the project are necessary, proportionate, and that mechanisms are in place to inform Data Subjects in advance and ensure an appropriate legal basis is in place for any transfers in the course of the project, as well as clarity around data retention and other issues.

Upshot: It seems that we were 100% correct in the advice we gave to our client earlier in the summer, but other peer organisations of theirs (and a large Government Department) would appear to have acted (and continue to act) unlawfully. 

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