Over the past decade, Castlebridge has become the go-to authority in data governance, privacy and ethics.

We are constantly researching, asking questions and challenging the status quo in order to contribute to the conversations happening today and share this knowledge and insight with our client base to achieve actual business results. A quick look at  our blog  &  whitepaper archive will illustrate just how often we are correct in our forward thinking!

We are also called upon regularly by Irish and international businesses, academia and media to speak about our knowledge in these areas.

Our most recent research has been in the area of Data Ethics, resulting in the publication of “Ethical Data and Information Management” by our Directors Daragh O Brien and Dr. Katherine O’Keefe. As data ethics has become the next emerging trend in Enterprise Information Management, this book paves the way in thinking on the subject not only in Ireland but around the world. We have also developed training modules that expand on the concepts we explore in the book.

To find out more about the book  click here.

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Dear $deity! The lack of basic respect & understanding here is staggering.

There are important #psychological, #PublicTrust & #confidence reasons why people need *actual police officers* to relate to in a crisis. Instead, you decide to shout... at them from shiny toy helicopters... https://t.co/s7KGhFD1jY

@ClaireOMahony10 @msanniewalsh I can remember doing my DPIA workshops on Cert in Data Protection for @lawsocedu from my home office using my own GotoWebinar account back in 2013-2015. It worked well then.

The early work we did pioneering online ... delivery seems to be paying off!

Our Vision

We help people do great things with data.

We make complex data legislation understandableSo you get innovative solutions to your problems.
We researchSo you increase competitive advantage.
We help organisations understand informationSo everyone understands the value of information.
We educateSo you maximise return on investment.
We help organisations garner more value from informationSo you can avoid risk of penalties and degradation of brand value.

Our Values


Do Excellent Things

We seek to add value to society and do things that are excellent. We solve complex challenges for clients, or society, in elegant and efficient ways.

People First

People are fantastic, intelligent, responsible and flawed. We aim to improve how people understand information, and the design of processes and governance relating to information to ensure we avoid catastrophes and grab opportunities.

Confidentiality & Discretion

We will not discuss our client engagements or provide details in tenders or proposals without the permission of our clients. All client branding on this website is placed with their approval.

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