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Schrems and Singing Blog Post

This week we are stuck between the continuing strategic data implications of the Privacy Shield strike down and the almost certain meltdown in the Irish state exam system as result of listening to the Brits on the use of leveling…

A proposed logo for UK/EU data transfer agreement featuring an umbrella with union jack and EU flag elements. the "Privacy Brolly"

Brexit, Data, and the Rise of Privacy Brolly Blog Post ran a Brexit story yesterday that the EU Commission was working on an interim solution for cross-border data transfers to the UK. A short-term adequacy decision wrapped into the wider trade deal is being discussed. Not quite a “Privacy…

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Santa Claus is coming to town Blog Post

One of the impacts of the restrictions Covid-19 has brought to our lives is that Christmas seems to be coming a little earlier this year. All around my neighbourhood otherwise sensible people have been putting up their Christmas decorations and…

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Talk Data To Me – Episode 8: Turbulent Times Blog Post

Daragh, Katherine, and Peter discuss turbulence and disruption and the importance of good data practices in this month’s podcast. Topics we touch on include: The Schrems 2 ruling and our take on what needs to be done Covid data disruption…

Privacy bridge build in progress

Replacing Privacy Shield – What Should Happen? Blog Post

Last week I wrote about the Bastard Son of Shield (BSOS) and how the announced ‘talks about talks’ between the EU Commission and the US Dept of Commerce would inevitably lead to another collapsible adequacy decision unless there was some…

Privacy Shield Replacement: The Bastard Son of Shield Blog Post

The US Department of Commerce and the European Commission have responded to the striking down of Privacy Shield by issuing a joint press release. This release announces that: The U.S. Department of Commerce and the European Commission have initiated discussions…

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Talk Data To Me – Episode 7: The Art of Understatement Blog Post

Katherine and Daragh chat on this month’s podcast about Data Governance. They explore: What it is What it means How it relates to Data Strategy How it relates to Data Protection Inevitably, they discuss the fate of Standard Contractual Clauses…

Austrian lawyer and privacy activist Max Schrems

Daragh O Brien quoted in the Irish Times Blog Post

Daragh O Brien, quoted in the Irish Times by Karlin Lillington on the report “Schrems II will seriously stress test EU’s data privacy rules” re #SCC at #CJEU Blog post referenced on the news

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Let’s do the timewarp again Blog Post

Warning… I am about to write a blog post about Standard Contract Clauses. This may be tedious for some, and it will be a long read, so I am interweaving it with selected lyrics from the Rocky Horror Picture Show….

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Privacy Shield: Mission Accomplished? Blog Post

The Privacy Shield deal is done. Allegedly. It is being hailed as “mission accomplished” by the negotiators. To borrow from Simon McGarr’s excellent metaphor, it appears the warship and the lighthouse have reached a mutual solution that required less movement…

Open book

A US Data Breach – Lack of Redress and Safe Harbor Blog Post

Just before Christmas, reported that a database of over 190 million US voters was out in the wild with no security. 191 million names, addresses, phone numbers, voting preferences, and other voter profile data was sitting on a database,…