Talk Data To Me – Episode 7: The Art of Understatement

By Daragh O Brien
July 24, 2020
4min read
Dog in a Irish Hat

Katherine and Daragh chat on this month’s podcast about Data Governance. They explore:

  • What it is
  • What it means
  • How it relates to Data Strategy
  • How it relates to Data Protection

Inevitably, they discuss the fate of Standard Contractual Clauses and Privacy Shield. They do this through the lens of Data Governance and the Irish art of Understatement.

Show Notes

  • Data Governance: A useful primer on what the definition and meaning of Data Governance is can be found on Dataversity.net, written by our friend and colleague John Ladley
  • Daragh’s blog post about the DPC’s questions in Schrems 2 can be found here
  • Father Ted is a Channel 4 sitcom that starred Dermot Morgan and Ardal O’Hanlon as priests. One episode is based on the Eurovision Song Contest. It includes a scene of the two priests writing a song to enter in to the “EuroSong Contest”. The full episode is available online (but we can’t possible condone copyright infringement). In an interesting link, last month’s podcast title was inspired by an actual Eurovision Song Contest entry from Ireland.
  • For historical interest, here’s a wikipedia article about “The Emergency” and another about “The Troubles”. Ireland does understatement better than most.
  • For anyone who wants to read the DPC’s statement on the CJEU decision in Data Protection Commissioner v Facebook and Schrems, you can read it here.

You can listen to the podcast here, or on Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud,  Spotify, Stitcher , and Google Podcasts (amongst others)

Show Transcript

To help people who might have hearing difficulties (or if Daragh is talking too fast for you), we have prepared a transcript of the recording. Podcast Episode 7 Transcript.

The text has been edited slightly to remove stammering, repetition, and interesting swear words.


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