Talk Data To Me – Episode 8: Turbulent Times

By Daragh O Brien
August 27, 2020
6min read
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Daragh, Katherine, and Peter discuss turbulence and disruption and the importance of good data practices in this month’s podcast.

Topics we touch on include:

  • The Schrems 2 ruling and our take on what needs to be done
  • Covid data disruption – what that means for managing through challenging times
  • Data Ethics – hype or hope?

A key theme from our discussion is that, in turbulent times, it is important for organisations to get a handle on what data they have, where it is, and how they are using it. That requires a clear business strategy for navigating in turbulent times, an understanding of your data strategy and required data capabilities, and an appreciation of the impact of choices you will make in respect of the ethical challenges and opportunities in your business model.

We also touch on the opportunity for European businesses arising from the turbulence in cross border data transfers to step up and provide alternative technologies.

Show Notes

  • Previous posts on this site about Cross Border Data Transfers can be found
    • Here – from 2015, raising warnings about the knock on implications of Schrems 1
    • Here – looking at the questions the Data Protection Commission asked of the CJEU in the case
    • Here – looking at the implications of the final decision
    • Here – looking at what might need to be done to ensure a long term remediation
  • Here’s a “ready reckoner” flow chart based on work we did for clients to help summarise some of the decisions and analysis of their Cross Border data flows
  • A link to Peter’s Blog Post on the Geo-Strategic issues in Cross Border Data Transfers
  • A link to Joshua Hovsha’s post on Legal Uncertainty
  • Here’s a blog post from “The Before Time” looking at the issues of moral vs technical solutions.

You can listen to the podcast here, or on Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud,  Spotify, Stitcher , and Google Podcasts (amongst others)

Show Transcript

To help people who might have hearing difficulties (or if Daragh is talking too fast for you), we are preparing a transcript of the podcast and will make it available here in the coming days. The text will be edited slightly to remove stammering, repetition, and interesting swear words. It’s taking a little longer than usual as AI transcription finds Belfast accents challenging.


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