Do fines motivate Data Governance?

For understandable reasons there is interest in the amount of fines that regulators levy for breaches of regulatory controls and obligations relating to data such as GDPR. The rationale seems to be that the larger the penalties the more organisations will take action to put their house in order.

But is that actually the case? Do Data Protection fines motivate data governance for personal data? Do big penalties motivate data governance at all? Like many things in life, it’s complicated.

Are fines fine?

In this webinar, Daragh looks at the issue from a variety of perspectives. He shows how big ticket penalties might not be the trigger for action that one might initially think. He also discusses what the purpose of regulatory enforcement in these contexts is, and whether fines are the best approach to achieving that goal.

Drawing on research in psychology, ethics, organisational behaviour, and parenting, Daragh sets out some hard truths about the history of fines in data regulation. He also sets out some thoughts on alternative approaches from other areas of behaviour change and law enforcement. He considers how this might need to shape future of meaningful, effective, and dissuasive enforcement actions.

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Daragh O Brien

Daragh O Brien

Daragh is the founder and Managing Director of Castlebridge. He brings over twenty years of experience in data strategy and regulatory operations to the table for clients. He lectures in the School of Law in UCD and in the Law Society of Ireland on Data Protection and Data Governance. He is a Fellow of the Irish Computer Society and holds CIPP/E and CIPM certifications from the IAPP and other data management qualifications.