About This Month's Episode

Daragh and Joshua from the Castlebridge team are joined this month by Alexander Hanff from our friends in Think Privacy in Sweden.

The topic of the podcast was the challenges in the second wave of tech solutionism for pandemic response. The topics discussed included the use of AI tools for social distancing enforcement, the importance of DPIAs that ACTUALLY follow through on things, and the issues of data quality and data governance that can arise with relatively new technologies with high error rates.

Things we discuss include:

  • AI applications for sensor analytics to help enforce social distancing and other public health measures
  • The Covid Cough AI and the implications of biometric processing
  • Thermal scanners
  • Immunity Passports, or Recent Negative Test Badges

A key question raised is this: if a mix of technologies with varying error rates are combined and sold as a solution for public liability risks in a public health crisis and they fail… who is responsible and liable? And is the social and societal impact worth it if we are just implementing public health theatre when the investment and resources might better be spent on Public Health Doctors and Public Health Informatics?

Note: Alexander gets a bit passionate so there might be some profanity…

But to make it it up to you we have include a picture of a kitten.

Daragh O Brien

Daragh O Brien

Daragh is the founder and Managing Director of Castlebridge. He brings over twenty years of experience in data strategy and regulatory operations to the table for clients. He lectures in the School of Law in UCD and in the Law Society of Ireland on Data Protection and Data Governance. He is a Fellow of the Irish Computer Society and holds CIPP/E and CIPM certifications from the IAPP and other data management qualifications.