Building the Business Case for Data Change

By Daragh O Brien
August 20, 2020
5min read
Building Business Case for Data Change webinar screenshot

Building the business case for data change in organisations can be a challenge. In this webinar, Daragh O Brien looks at some basic techniques for starting smarter conversations.

Ultimately, to get change moving in an organisation and ensure management focus on the fundamentals of data, it’s important to have some good baseline numbers that you can reference to show how not tackling the problem is creating drag in the organisation or causing an avoidable cost.

In the webinar we look at three scenarios derived from Daragh’s two decades of experience.

Daragh also introduces the importance of creating a sense of dissatisfaction with the status quo to help drive change conversations, and the necessity of having some clear first steps to address root causes when people start to listen to your data rallying cry.

We have compiled some additional resources for people to give you some more information on topics covered in this webinar.

Daragh has also put together an example Excel workbook showing some of the calculation approaches discussed in the webinar. This is provided as-is with no warranty, but is intended to illustrate how a simple model for the data debt in the organisation can be put together without a huge effort.

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