Data Literacy & Data Competencies

By Daragh O Brien
November 30, 2021
3min read
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This webinar looks at the topic from a number of perspectives:

  • What do we define “Data Literacy”?
  • Why is Data Literacy important, and why is Data Competency a better framing of what is needed?
  • Have we been here before?
  • What can organisations do to address this?

The current renaissance of digital and data transformation initiatives in organisations of all sizes needs to have strong foundations in data competencies that include not just “literacy” for tool use. For organisations and individuals, it’s imperative we develop data competency in key data skills in the context of job-roles and staff capabilities in data-driven businesses.

Daragh, Katherine, and Peter from our Senior Management team share some insights on the evolving themes of Data Literacy, Data Competency development, and the need for ongoing Data Education in organisations for staff at all levels and across all roles. In keeping with our ethos of pointing out how revolutions just mean things come around again and again, we also discuss how this realisation of skills needs is not a new phenomenon but has occurred in previous management transformation cycles.

The Webinar

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