Data Protection Day 2022 – A Chat about GDPR Hype with Jonathan Armstrong of Cordery

By Daragh O Brien
January 28, 2022
2min read
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To coincide with World Data Protection Day 2022 (or Data Privacy Day for those who prefer that framing), Castlebridge decided to sit down with our friends in Cordery Compliance for a chat about the state of the nation in Data Protection.

In this chat, Daragh O Brien and Jonathan Armstrong discuss:

  • Has the GDPR lived up to the hype?
  • What are the emerging trends we are beginning to see in enforcement?
  • What should organisations be considering in their regulatory compliance strategies in 2022 and beyond?

Data Protection Day is a time to remember the fundamental origin point of European and international data protection law in Convention 108, but it’s also a time to consider how our thinking and approaches to data protection and enforcement are maturing in the face of rapidly changing technological and social landscapes.

The Webinar

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