Castlebridge Collaborates with Collibra

By Daragh O Brien
April 30, 2023
5min read
Partner Announcement

Castlebridge Announces Partnership With Collibra

Castlebridge and Collibra have joined forces to help the Data Citizens in Irish organisations get to grips with data and unlock its value as a sustainable asset.

A winning combination

Collibra is a market leading Data Governance platform that provides organisations with a robust and scalable platform to govern and harness the value of data in the organisation. Consistently ranked by Gartner and others, Collibra is a mature technology platform that can help data governance support deliveryof business goals.

Whether it is the development of a common Business Data Glossary, the implementation of a Data Stewardship framework, or the roll out of a data protection governance environment (to name just a few use cases), Collibra provides a common way of working for Data Citizens that can grow with the needs and maturity of the organisation.

Castlebridge has partnered with Collibra to enable us to be better able to introduce clients to the potential benefits of Collibra. Castlebridge also aims to work with existing clients of our partner to help improve the success of implementation through the development of the people and process capabilities for data in the organisation (the ‘soft stuff’).

Castlebridge’s vendor neutral approach to helping clients put data to work through the development of people capabilities can help organisations unlock the potential value of tools such as Collibra.

Drawing on our team’s extensive experience at the coal face of Data Governance and Data Strategy initiatives, Castlebridge aims to help clients who choose the Collibra platform use it effectively to put data to work and support their business data objectives.

Castlebridge is Collibra’s sole partner for Ireland.

Further Information

To find out more about Castlebridge’s partnership with Collibra and how it might benefit your organisation, contact our sales team at Sales[at] or via the form below.

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