Benchmarking is the process by which organizations assess their data management capabilities compared to the practices of “best in class” organizations in their industry or a close equivalent. You are measuring your performance against an external set of practices and role model behaviours as demonstrated by others. The intent is that by understanding how to emulate the factors of success, your organization will also become successful.

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About Benchmarking

Sometimes, the best way to drive progress or change in our organizations or ourselves is to find role models to emulate. Benchmarking provides this to data leaders.

Both our research organization and consulting service can help you with your benchmarking needs.

Our research team work with leading academic and industry partners to conduct benchmarking surveys and related research. We also conduct our own benchmarking studies into data management and data protection practices, for example our research into the standard of Article 30 ROPAs in Irish Public Sector and Semi-state organizations.

Our consultants regularly carry out client benchmarking in the utilities and financial services sectors to help organizations better understand the gaps and opportunities in their data strategies and data management practices. We also benchmark technology tools and application to better enable data leaders to make needs-driven choices in technology solutions, and to formulate their own specifications and ‘shopping list’ before going to the market seeking tools to accelerate and enable their data change.

What would you like to benchmark?

Data Protection Practices and Processes
Data Governance Frameworks and Culture
Data Quality Issues and Remediation
Data Literacy and Culture?
Data Management Practices and Methods
Data Management Tool Capabilities

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