Incident Response

Incident response is the process of identifying and correcting data-related incidents that threaten or interrupt a business’s operations or impact its stakeholders.

Data-related incidents can range from data security breaches that impact personal data to data quality problems that cause embarrassment, loss, or even physical harm.

When faced with a data-related incident, it’s important to respond effectively so that the issue can be resolved in the correct way and impacts mitigated as much as possible.

Any kind of crisis can be good. It wakes you up.

Ryan Reynolds, (Actor)

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Castlebridge can help you prepare for potential incidents by determining what potential risks might arise in relation to data-related processes in your organisation. We then work with you to identify the root causes to those risks, identify mitigating actions, implement appropriate controls, and develop your incident response plan.

We use a variety of techniques for to help organisations prepare for incidents, including gap analysis, scenario reviews, and desktop planning exercises.

We consider all data-related risks in our assessment to ensure a holistic assessment of potential issues, risks, and responses.

Detection and Review

Our expert consultants can help you define and implement appropriate controls to detect data-related incidents, prioritise them, and take appropriate actions.

Whether it is helping you develop data quality metrics and monitoring processes for critical-to-quality data elements or implementing detective controls for data security, Castlebridge can help you define and implement practical and pragmatic approaches to detect and react to data-related incidents.

We can also help triage incidents and provide guidance on the appropriate response to remediate the incident and mitigate harms.

Respond and Resolve

Castlebridge can help you co-ordinate your response to a data-related incident, liaising with information security experts, collaborating with your data quality teams, and ensuring objectivity in the actions that are taken to contain, control, and correct the identified issues.

Our multi-disciplinary team can support you in managing this critical phase of your incident response, including liaising with Regulators where necessary.

Review and Reflect

A critical step in any organisation’s incident response process needs to be a review and reflection on the incident to identify critical lessons learned.

It is essential that this review is objective and evidence-based. It’s also important that the review examines not just the root cause of the incident itself but the effectiveness of the response and lessons that can be learned.

Castlebridge can support organisations by providing an objective and independent review of incidents and responses to help identify critical opportunities for improvement.

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