Data Protection: The Growing Media Spotlight

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Castlebridge conducted a meta analysis of Google search results to try and get a picture of how the market environment has changed in relation to Data Protection/Privacy issues over the past seven years.

We examined the situation in Ireland, with external reference points chosen from the UK and elsewhere. We’ll freely admit that this is not the most scientifically rigorous study of this topic. However, our methodology is relatively simple and straightforward and can be easily replicated. We’ve even poked holes in it ourselves after the fact (so we didn’t sit on our laurels about the findings – quality is all about continually challenging and improving after all.

Our findings can be summarised in one simple sentence: If you are not facing up to the challenges of Data Protection then it is inevitable that you will find yourself in the media spotlight in the coming years as the “traditional media” continue to mature in their understanding of and perspective on the issues of Data Protection, Privacy and Information Governance.

What can you do? Our recommendation is to take an Information Governance approach that looks across the whole organisation and changes the cultureprocess focus, and values of your organisation to ensure that Data Protection principles and best practices are adequately considered in your planning and execution of strategy and operations.

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