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Strategic Planning

Every organisation needs to govern its information as an asset. We partner with organisations to support your information governance and strategy, providing you with a range of services from governance maturity assessments, information quality reviews, training & certification, information quality strategy, and root cause analysis. Building on our extensive experience in data governance and data protection, along with our experience of designing and executing regulatory compliance programmes in regulated industry, Castlebridge can help your organisation define a flexible, scalable data governance framework that is appropriate to your organisation

Data Privacy & Protection

The circulation of data has become virtually unlimited thanks to electronic communications. The General Data Protection Regulation requires organisations to implement appropriate technical and organisational measures for ensuring that by default, only personal data which are necessary for each specific purpose are processed. They are also required to design systems, processes and products that protect the rights and freedoms of data subjects.

Our range of services, helping clients “go beyond the basics” in data privacy, include bespoke or general training, data management audits, drafting risk registers and mitigation solutions, governance & compliance reviews, and Data Privacy Impact Assessments.

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External DPO

Under the General Data Protection Regulation, many organisations have to appoint a Data Privacy/Protection Officer. We have long recommended DPOs as a matter of ‘good practice’.

Since 2011 we have offered a virtual DPO service “ClouDPO” to help develop your internal Data Privacy Governance and Culture.

Many of our clients need a flexible, cost-effective method of delivering Data Protection Officer services and have gained valuable insights and knowledge from our confidential, pragmatic, partnership approach.


Castlebridge is a research-driven company that constantly looks for the solutions to the challenges of tomorrow through collaboration with industry and academic research partners.

We engage in research and development for new tools, technologies, and frameworks to help organisations better take advantage of the opportunities in their information.

In addition to research in collaboration with partners, we also conduct our own inhouse research and analysis of industry trends and opportunities and produce independent whitepapers. A selection of our whitepapers can be found here.

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Information Ethics

Castlebridge has a reputation for being “ahead of the curve”. For the last six years, we have been researching what we coin “Ethical Enterprise Information Management”. This is the discipline of applying ethical principles and practices to information management and governance. It brings together lessons from , for example enterprise architecture, information governance, information quality etc.) with lessons from philosophy and law to support ethical management and design of information systems and information strategies.

The ethical questions that arise in the design of any information system can be addressed thorough the frameworks and methods we have developed in Castlebridge. Our approach does this in a way that integrates with existing information and project management.