This is a whitepaper Daragh O Brien put together as a way of assembling thoughts for a lightning talk at EDW2014 in Austin Texas.

In it he discusses the application of a proven strategy for business innovation to the trick nugget of Data Privacy and Data Protection in a Big Data world. He makes the argument that the disciplines of Data Governance and Information Quality (to name but two) are a key component of the value delivery system that is needed to deliver privacy as part of a bundle of other key resulting outcomes that must be offset against each other.

Only by moving from an internally driven (we can build it, they will come) or customer-requirement driven innovation culture can we hope to implement technologies and processing that serve to support rather than weaken our privacy.

In addition to this white paper, there is a report from the European Data Protection Supervisor on Privacy and Competiveness in Big Data which is extremely relevant to this topic.

Also Daragh has written a chapter on this general topic in this book:

Finally, here is an interesting article from from last week that gives another perspective on this topic.

Finally, here is the slide deck from the lightning talk at EDW14. Video is expected to be available shortly from

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