Privacy Impact Assessments – A Structured Method [Deferred]

Maldron Hotel SmithfieldJoin Castlebridge in the Maldron Hotel, Smithfield, Dublin 7 for an intensive half-day course that will walk you through our methodology for Privacy Impact Assessments. This methodology is the basis of the Ethical Information Management Assessment approach featured in Ethical Data & Information Management. 

Delegates will learn:

  1. The core concepts of Privacy by Design
  2. Fundamental principles of Privacy Engineering
  3. A simple methodology to help frame the questions you need to ask in a Privacy Impact Assessment
  4. The types of questions you need to be asking at each stage in the process
  5. Methods and frameworks for assessing risks to fundamental rights and freedoms and documenting rationales
  6. The importance of Root Cause Analysis to understanding and definining remedial actions in the planning phase
  7. The relationship between Privacy Impact Assessments and other Data Governance, Data Quality, and risk management frameworks your organisation might apply.
  8. Understand the relationship between PIAs and Ethical Information Management

Delegates will also learn about key principles and best practices for getting long term benefit from a PIA library in your organisation and integrating PIA methods into your day to day operational processes.

This course is appropriate for DPOs, Data Managers, Data Analysts, or any one in a business role who is trying to get to grips with governing the personal data in their organisation.


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