Defining Data Literacy

Data literacy is the ability to find, access, analyze, interpret, apply, manage and communicate with data, while being aware of the opportunities, ramifications and risks

Data Literacy is about more than technology or tool-set skills. It is about developing business competencies relevant to the role and tasks of team members.

Data Literacy is about changing how people think about information so they can deliver sustainable value through data, and have pride in a job well done!

Data Competence = Data Literacy in Business Context

The ability to understand and work with data must be grounded in the business context of the team.

Data Literacy must be constantly developed in the organisation as the business context evolves.

Business context evolves in response to changing business strategy, regulatory drivers, or organisational change.

Castlebridge helps change how people think about data, supporting the development of Data Competency in Context.

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Get Data Education

Castlebridge offers a range of public and in-house courses to help your organisation develop Data Competencies through Data Education.

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Develop Data Competencies

Castlebridge can help you develop a roadmap for the relevant Data Competencies for your organisation.

This roadmap will align your Business Strategy, your Data Strategy, and map out the Capabilities and Competencies you need to develop to succeed.

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