About Castlebridge Associates

Castlebridge Associates is an outcomes oriented company providing coaching, consulting, mentoring, and project management services to organisations struggling with Information Quality challenges, Data Governance difficulties, Data Protection Compliance issues, or just finding it hard to hammer out their Information Strategy.

Drawing on our experiences on the business side of Information driven change management we focus on helping organisations develop internal capabilities to embrace rapidly evolving challenges and secure competive advantages through better use of trusted and trustworthy information and data.

With a network of Associate Consultants (our "People Cloud") we aim to deliver services on-site or on-line to clients in virtually any location world wide.

Our services include

  • Consultancy:
    • We offer a pragmatic, 'hands-on' service, which includes discrete reviews of your data management structures, advice on best practice, and support in dealing with data loss or client concerns.
  • Audit & Review:
    • Castlebridge Associates works with individuals and organisations to ensure that their management of data complies with relevant legislation, recognised industry practice, and meets or exceeds the needs of your information consumers. This involves interviews, on-site and on-line audits and evaluations of data processing. Our reports and recommendations have helped clients to resolve gaps in their processes, and to prepare for formal regulatory audits.
  • Governance System Design & Implementation:
    • We will work with you to draft policies and procedures which are relevant to your business and your data needs, as well as ensuring that your processes are efficient, effective and compliant. We then work with you to help guide the Change Management execution around these new ways of workng.
  • Training:
    • We offer a range of training, coaching, mentoring, and management insights briefings on a range of topics relating to Data GovernanceInformation QualityData Protection, and Information Strategy


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