Monitoring Remote Employees - Guidance

The Covid-19 pandemic has triggered a rapid move to remote working across a range of industry sectors. Many organisations who have traditionally been “office-bound” in their management practices are now having to adjust to having team members working remotely. Even in organisations that have traditionally supported remote working, it has now become the norm not the exception.

It is almost inevitable that remote working will become part of the “new normal” for employees who can perform some or all of their duties remotely regardless of their industry. As such, employers are having to consider how they can implement appropriate monitoring and measurement systems for remote workers.

This guidance provides an overview of the data protection issues that arise for organisations in Ireland (primarily) and the EU (in general) as well as providing an outline of the organisation strategy and culture implications of the measurement and monitoring approach that employers may choose to implement.

The shift to remote work represents a culture shift for many employers. The choices they make in terms of how they measure, monitor, and manage remote working staff will have significant implications for their future organisation culture and the data protection compliance issues and liabilities that might arise.