Data Protection and Connected Working

By Daragh O Brien
November 25, 2020
3min read
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As organisations move into the fourth quarter of Connected Working due to Covid-19, organisation leadership needs to consider how to make Connected Working sustainable. This means addressing fundamental data management and data protection challenges to unlock the opportunities. In Ireland, there is a government commitment to Connected Working as part of economic recovery. Even the concept of public sector decentralisation being re-evaluated through the lens of Connected Work and “Work From Hub” strategies.

In this webinar, Daragh O Brien looks at Connected Working through a data lens. We look at what Connected Work means from a Data Protection perspective. Topics include Registers of Processing Activities and Data Protection Impact Assessments and their role in Connected Working governance. We also discuss the data management benefits that can come to organisations for designing data management for a blended working model, reflecting the spectrum of Connected Work types.

Daragh also looks at Employee Monitoring in the context of Connected Working and the perils of quantified metrics and screen shots.

Resources referenced in this webinar are:

Previous webinars can be found here: https://castlebridge.ie/webinars

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