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Michelle Finneran-Dennedy

Emeritus Advisor

Michelle Finneran-Dennedy is a pioneer in the Data Protection and Data Privacy space.

She was Chief Governance Officer and Chief Privacy Officer at Sun Microsystems, and was the Chief Privacy Officer at both McAfee and Cisco Systems, before leaving Cisco to join the leadership team of a PrivTech startup. Michelle now advises the next generation of “PrivacyTech” startups and a range of other businesses on the strategic aspects of delivering data value and data of value in a rapidly changing privacy regulatory environment where there is a renewed focus on ethical data management.

Michelle is also the co-author of “The Privacy Engineers Manifesto”, which provide a toolkit of resources and methods for companies to help them bake good data management and data protection practices into the design and execution of systems and processes. In addition, she has served as a board member of the IAPP.

She currently heads up the teams at Privatus Consulting and at PrivacyCode

Michelle is a member of Castlebridge’s Emeritus Advisor Network, assisting organisations with hard won insights on the value of data protection and data governance and pragmatic advice on how to bake good practices into business models and leadership culture.


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