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John Ladley

John Ladley is a highly experienced advisor and advocate for organizations looking for sustainable value from information and data. His experience and knowledge is balanced between treating data as an essential component of modern business and economies, and the practical solution of business problems.

John’s books are the authoritative sources for Data and Information Management and Data Governance. He is a recognized authority and speaker on enterprise information management; including data monetization, information and data architectures, data governance, MDM, data quality, BI and Analytics, data warehouse and knowledge management. John has extensive experience across many industries and is currently examining the role of the Chief Data Officer and what it really means,  and assisting several organizations with data strategies and data governance.

He is a founder member of the Leaders’ Data Group.

He is a member of our Emeritus Advisors Network to help senior leadership in organisations get clarity on their flight-path to effective management of and understanding of their data assets.


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