Meet the team

Eva Balog

Administration & Project Support ("Chief Cat Herder")

Eva’s official job title is “Admin & Project Support”, but she also answers to the title “Chief Cat Herder”.

With a background in technical analysis and market research, Eva provides the engine room for the back office processes in Castlebridge, ensuring that the internal processes of the organisation run smoothly and making the consultants “eat their own dog food” when it comes to good data management and business process practices.

In addition to back-office admin functions, she manages the content pipeline for (blog posts, webinars, podcasts, email newsletters) and the project management of course creation for our on-line learning products, as well as co-ordinating back office management and IT support functions.

Eva also provides project support as required, assisting with data analysis, interviews, report writing, and tracking of project deadlines and deliverables.


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