Castlebridge Bronze Budget Manager (Services)


This voucher entitles the purchaser to draw down Castlebridge advisory or consultancy services up to the value of the voucher for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.

Services will be charged at the rate applying at the date the service you book is delivered. This will not affect any negotiated rates that apply for purchasers who are existing Castlebridge clients.

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Organisations often run into a problem at this time of year. You have a small amount of unspent budget for training or advisory services. But you aren’t sure what you need and are wondering how best to carry over budget from this year so you don’t lose it next year.

Our Castlebridge Budget Manager Vouchers allow you to pre-pay today for the delivery of Advisory, Training, or Project Services from Castlebridge. We will then deliver services to you to the value of your ticket in 2021.

Don’t worry about having to justify budget carry overs and be certain that you aren’t going to have to hand back unspent budget this year. Prebook your 2021 engagement with Castlebridge (and we’ll work out later what challenges we can help you tackle).