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Outsourced CDO

The “Chief Data Officer” helps bridge the gap between Business Strategy and Technology implementation by driving a focus on the data assets of the organisation and how they are being managed.
In today’s data-driven world, even the smallest company can find itself having Enterprise-scale challenges and opportunities. Our outsourced-CDO service gives you the skills and experience you need to define, execute, and maintain a strategic approach to data in your organisation, no matter what your size.

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Outsourced CDO

Guiding data strategy, supporting execution

Companies have become increasingly data-driven. Data is now being used to drive everything from product innovation to employee engagement. In this data-driven world, a Chief Data Officer (CDO) is to your Data Assets what your Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is to the financial assets of your organisation.

The CDO takes the lead in the organisation for:

  1. Defining the data strategy to support the business goals and ensure alignment of data and technology capabilities.
  2. Implementing Data Governance frameworks and a data-aware culture in the organisation so that everyone knows their responsibilities around data.
  3. Implementing data quality measures so that the data used by the organisation can be trusted.
  4. Developing the key data management capabilities and competencies in the organisation to support data success, including developing a data-literate organisation culture.
  5. Supporting management in making data informed business decisions.
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Our Outsourced Chief Data Officer service helps organisations of all sizes get to grips with data as a strategic asset. As your CDO, our expert consultants can advise on all aspects of data governance, data quality, and developing your data culture. We collaborate with your organisation’s business and technology leaders to implement the change needed to make sustainable data transformations happen for organisations of all sizes.

Interim CDO

For organisations that have already taken the leap to appoint a CDO but need help filling a gap caused by an unforeseen absence, our team can provide Interim CDOs on a contract basis to help you maintain the strategic focus on your critical data assets and help ensure continued stewardship of your data transformation!

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