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Outsourced DPO

Since 2011 we have provided outsourced Data Protection Officer and Data Protection Manager supports to a range of organizations in Ireland, the UK, and beyond under our ClouDPO brand.
Whether it is someone to take the reins of your data protection oversight, a mentor for a newly appointed DPO, or interim cover when your data protection officer is indisposed, we can provide tailored supports on a contract basis.

Need help keeping your Data Protection compliance on track?

Outsourced DPO

Not every organisation needs to have a DPO (but they should certainly have someone with responsibility for data protection oversight on a day to day basis). However, organisations that need a DPO can often lack the resources needed to employ someone full time in that role.

That’s where we can help.

Castlebridge’s ClouDPO service helps you get your data protection compliance on track, and keep it on track, at price point that is appropriate to your organisation. Our model is simple, developed over a decade of working with clients, and consisting of three steps.

  1. We conduct a Data Protection Health Check Review with you to identify issues, gaps, and risks
  2. We agree a remediation plan to fix gaps and issues (putting in place processes, controls, policies etc.)
  3. We then provide you with a DPO helpdesk and a DPO support for the number of days a month we believe your organisation requires.

Step 1 and Step 2 are fixed price engagements that are stand-alone. If you want to take on being your own DPO after that, we’re happy to help in other ways. Or we can move to support you on an agreed contract basis.

Three boxes in a process flow illustrating the three phases of the ClouDPO onboarding process listed earlier in this page.

We review the amount of time that is needed to support you on a quarterly basis and modify supports as needed to ensure you are getting the best value for money.

Our service is also entirely independent of any tools for DPOs. We can help you define requirements and select appropriate tools as needed and we don’t require you to use any particular platform to avail of our services.

Not sure if you need a DPO? Get in touch and we’ll help you figure it out!

Coaching and Support for Newly Appointed DPOs

DPO Second Line Support

Congratulations, you have just been appointed Data Protection Officer for your organisation!

What next?

Castlebridge’s DPO support service provides a second line of support for DPOs. This service is designed for DPOs who

  • have been appointed from within the organisation and need to develop their expert knowledge of data protection law and practice
  • have been appointed while still retaining responsibility for business functions which could represent a conflict with their role as a DPO.

Our second-line support provides mentoring for newly appointed DPOs. It allows DPOs who may have a risk of a conflict between their role as a DPO and their other duties in the organisation to mitigate that risk by referring the issue to us to assist with.

Feeling overwhelmed as a DPO? Need some support and guidance? Get in touch!

Interim DPO Cover

Many organisations appoint a single person to the role of Data Protection Officer. This creates a significant risk to the organisation if that person gets ill, leaves the organisation, or does the unthinkable and goes on vacation.

Castlebridge can provide interim cover for DPO roles in your organisation in the event of an unexpected absence. Our expert consultants can step in to provide the knowledge and expertise needed to keep your data protection oversight and compliance on track on an outsourced basis.

We can also help you with the recruitment and selection of a new DPO, or the training of an internal replacement so that you can quickly get back to normal operations.

Need DPO support in a hurry? We can help!

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