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Castlebridge Associates conducts research into a range of topics and issues related to the field of Information Management

  • Attitudes to Privacy and other issues
  • Approaches to maturity assessments
  • Methodologies and frameworks
  • Information and Data Governance methodologies
  • Emerging industry trends

We also work with academic and industry peers to develop new applications for technology to help support Information Governance and Data Privacy objectives.


Castlebridge Associates produces whitepapers, reports, and other publications based on our research and experience in the field.

Some of these we make available for free, others can be purchased from our on-line store from Q4 2015.

We also contribute to other blogs, books, magazines and industry forums

Speaking & Presenting

The Castlebridge Associates team are regular speakers and presenters on a range of Data Governance, Data Protection, and Information Quality related topics.

We have contributed to conferences and forums in a number of countries and are frequent presenters at events in Ireland, the UK, and the United States.

If you would like to have a member of our team speak, chair, or deliver a keynote at an event you are planning, please get in touch!

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Current Research Projects

We are currently conducting or finishing up a number of research projects including:

  • Assessment of the use of Gamification techniques and practices in Data Privacy awareness and compliance
  • Trends and practices in Subject Access Requests

We also support research into Privacy Enhancing technologies in IoT and wearables.

Our Research Partners

We partner with leading academics and industry bodies for our research activities.

Dr Cathal Gurrin of Dublin City University is our lead Research Partner at present. With him we are working on researching practical applications of privacy enhancing technologies in IoT and Wearables.

Publications we're in

Daragh O Brien is a featured columnist on, one of the longest running on-line industry publications, edited by Data Governance pioneer Bob Seiner.

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Castlebridge Associates is a trading name of Bridgecastle Information Management Ltd.

  • CRO: 473477 | VAT reg: IE09747978W
  • Directors: Daragh O Brien (Managing Director) | Colin Boylan
  • Reg'd office: 13 The Cloisters, Castlebridge, Wexford


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