Ethical Data & Information Management: Concepts, Tools, and Methods


Get a practical guide for information management professionals that provides a framework for applying ethical principles and practices to information management and governance.

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Information and how we manage, process and govern it is becoming increasingly important as organizations ride the wave of the big data revolution. Ethical Data and Information Management offers a practical guide for people in organizations who are tasked with implementing information management projects. It sets out, in a clear and structured way, the fundamentals of ethics, and provides practical and pragmatic methods for organizations to embed ethical principles and practices into their management and governance of information.

Written by global experts in the field, Ethical Data and Information Management is an important book addressing a topic high on the information management agenda. Key coverage includes how to build ethical checks and balances into data governance decision making; using quality management methods to assess and evaluate the ethical nature of processing during design; change methods to communicate ethical values; how to avoid common problems that affect ethical action; and how to make the business case for ethical behaviours.

Note: Sale Price is set by the publisher on their website. Price shown is for information purposes only.