The Statler and Waldorf Appreciation Episode

By Daragh O Brien
June 4, 2024
3min read
Data Governance

Episode Details

In this episode, Daragh is joined by John Ladley, data governance pioneer and part of our Emeritus Advisor group in Castlebridge.

In this episode we discuss the “Death of Data Governance” and find that, despite the emergence of new technologies, the fundamentals of Data Governance are actually more important in the age of AI and, as a result, require us to invest more in developing the Human Factors in Data Governance.

Of course, it being John and Daragh, there is an obligatory reference of two to Statler and Waldorf from the Muppet show.

You can find the podcast episode on Spotify (or wherever you find your podcasts)

Some useful links relevant to the topics on this podcast episode:

  • In August we are running a one-day course on Data Governance for Leaders, split over 2 half-days. Book via our Learning Platform
  • The report from our Data Leaders Summit in March 2024 (which featured John as a Keynote speaker and Masterclass tutor) is available here
  • John’s next Data Governance Bootcamp with DataVersity.net is in September. Details here
  • Small things can often be important in Data Governance and data transformation – See Daragh’s thoughts from 2021 on this topic!

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