Talk Data to Me: Episode 10 – Watch the Kid!

By Daragh O Brien
October 21, 2020
3min read
kid using silver iPad - children's rights

Daragh is joined on this month’s podcast by Andrew Carroll from the Office of the Data Protection Commission and the Castlebridge Children’s Data Subject Matter Expert, Róisín.

We discuss the rights children have over their personal data, the DPC’s consultation on Children’s rights, and some practical things that kids can do to be aware of their data protection rights.

Show Notes and Resources

The episode covers a lot of topics on basic data protection concepts as they apply to children.

DPC Consultation on Children’s Rights

Andrew Carroll from the Data Protection Commission has shared the following resources with us:

When the consultation opens on the Code for Children’s Data Fundamentals we’ll add that to this resource list.

Castlebridge contributed to this consultation on Children’s Rights, and a copy is linked below. Róisín submitted one as well (and Daragh had to confirm to the DPC at the time it was all her own work).




Out of Scope Questions

Questions we didn’t touch on this podcast:

  • Is Santa subject to Data Protection law (answer: yes, he is)?
  • Can you send a Subject Access Request to the Elf on the Shelf? Yes, but information he records visually and stores in his brain is outside the scope of the legislation.

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