We have walked in your shoes. We are a unique organisation in this respect. We are data scientists, solicitors, lecturers, researchers, marketers, enterprise operations experts, academics and barristers. We combine these individual skills with our collective knowledge and qualifications in Data Privacy, Information Governance and Information Quality Management to help you define ways of working with data that work in the real world.

Daragh O Brien

Daragh is the Founder and Managing Director of Castlebridge and a Twitter addict. He also has an amusing story as to why his surname has no apostrophe. He has a degree in Business & Legal Studies from University College Dublin and is a Fellow of the Irish Computer Society. Prior to founding Castlebridge, Daragh worked for over a decade for a leading Irish telecommunications company in roles as diverse as Call Centre operations, Single View of Customer Programme management, and Regulatory Compliance and Governance. He a regular presenter and trainer at conferences worldwide and is much sought-after by Irish media for his expertise in data law, regulatory affairs and information ethics.

Apart from his consulting and education work, Daragh is a faculty member at the Law Society of Ireland, an advisor the Digital Rights Ireland and a contributing research partner to the Adapt Centre in Trinity College Dublin. Daragh is an active contributor to the Innovation Value Institute’s IT-CMF framework and the IEEE Standard for Privacy Impact Assessments. Most recently, Daragh was the Data Protection Officer for the Presidential campaign of the sitting President, Michael D. Higgins.

He is also a featured columnist with The Data Administration Newsletter (TDAN.com) and is in constant demand from national and international media for his thoughts and commentary on data-related issues. In 2016, he was ranked by Onalytica as the 24th most influential person on Twitter in Information Security (including Data Governance and Data Privacy).

Daragh can be contacted at daragh@castlebridge.ie

Dr Katherine O'Keefe

Katherine is a San Diegan living in Ireland and lives on green tea. She holds a PhD in Anglo-Irish literature. She joined Castlebridge in 2013 after a career in tutoring and lecturing in University College Dublin and Dublin City University. Since then she has developed a reputation nationally and internationally as an expert in data privacy and information ethics. She works with clients in Ireland and elsewhere in sectors as diverse as public-sector and not-for-profit organisations.

In addition to her role as Director of Training and Managing Consultant with Castlebridge, Katherine lectures on information ethics and data privacy practice at the Law Society of Ireland Diploma Centre. In 2016, she was the runner-up in the Information and Records Management Society’s Alison North Award for New Professionals. In 2017, she was awarded ``Best Newcomer`` by DAMA (the Data Management Association) International for her contributions to the development of the CDMP certification. Subsequently, Katherine has served on the Board of DAMA International.

Katherine can be contacted at katherine@castlebridge.ie

Peter Davey

A Belfast native, Peter is an experienced strategy consultant and IT programme manager with experience in data analytics, strategic consulting, and change management.

Prior to joining Castlebridge, Peter worked extensively in senior management positions in global consulting firms in London and Singapore and as an advisor to leading Regulatory Technology and MetaData software start-ups in Dublin. In addition he has been privileged to be a visiting lecturer in project management and business at National University of Singapore, University of London and the Hungarian Defence University.

He is a graduate of the Law Society of Ireland’s Certificate in Data Protection Law and Practice, a member of ISACA and APM and holds an MBA from Cass Business School. Peter is our Commercial Operations Principal Consultant responsible for the continued successful growth and development of Castlebridge. He keeps a secret stash of Crunchies in his desk which is not very secret.

Peter can be contacted at peter.davey@castlebridge.ie

Clare Murphy

Clare is a former journalist and a non-practicing solicitor. Prior to joining Castlebridge, Clare had a successful career in news media at home and abroad where she worked as an investigative journalist and as a television news anchor with France 24. As she is a lover of all things French she annoys everyone by speaking only in French in the office with Eoin, who is also fluent.

Clare has worked with clients as diverse as a semi-state transport company to a hair and beauty salon franchise. She has also worked on the development of video-based elearning for a variety of sectors.

Clare brings a rigorous attention to detail and a dogged pursuit of loose ends to bear in the conduct of audits and reviews with clients and in advising them on their data protection obligations and duties. She works across a wide range of projects and client sectors as a lead consultant.

In addition to her MA in Journalism and her qualification as a solicitor, Clare holds a Diploma in IT and IP Law from the Law Society of Ireland.

Clare can be contacted at clare.murphy@castlebridge.ie

Elaine Comyn

Elaine joined Castlebridge in 2018 after a 17-year long career in Event Management, Proposition Marketing, Marketing Operations, Go to Market and Project Management in the Telecommunications sector. During that time, she worked on fascinating projects such as launching the first 'talking phone' for the visually impaired and how to ensure the new 'internet on your phone' wasn’t corrupting children (it was a long time ago). Before that, she had a completely different career in public relations and in arts administration, working in RTÉ and The Gaiety School of Acting among others.

Since joining Castlebridge in 2018, she has worked with three national energy providers, a logistics conglomerate and a national transport provider. She has also led the rebranding of Castlebridge itself. She holds a Business and Politics degree, a postgraduate diploma in Public Relations, the Professional Certificate in Data Protection from UCD and is a qualified adult trainer.

Elaine likes to sneak Prosecco into the office fridge in case of emergencies.

Elaine can be contacted at elaine.comyn@castlebridge.ie

Eoin Cannon

Eoin, Barrister-at-Law, holds Bachelor of Arts UCD, an Hons Advanced Diploma Employment Law and the Kings Inns Certificate Data Protection, Law Society. An accomplished legal researcher and advocate, with experience in the public and private sector. Eoin has a questionable taste in jumpers and eats an unnerving amount of apples.

Eoin can be contacted at eoin.cannon@castlebridge.ie

Emeritus Advisor Network

When you work with Castlebridge, you work one step away from some of the pioneers in Information Management and Data Privacy. Through our Emeritus Advisor Network, we can bring the expertise and insights of these international thought leaders to your organisation.

We will shortly be adding details of our Emeritus Advisor Network, and how you can engage with them to get their inputs and insights.

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