Holy Swedish Meatballs!

By Daragh O Brien
October 30, 2018
2min read
Marshmello CCTV cameras

Castlebridge are thrilled to have received notice that our proposal with our partners in ThinkPrivacy AB and Altada to design and develop a prototype privacy enhancing redaction technologies for IoT cameras and other sensor devices in an urban “smart cities” environment.

We are looking forward to working with Alexander Hanff and his team in ThinkPrivacy to implement and build on the Noppera AI-assisted redaction technology we have developed with Altada in our Noppera-Bo joint venture.

More details will come over the next few months as the project rolls out, but the consortium we have put together for this project represents a leading “brains trust” for ethical information management, data privacy, machine learning, and computer vision, so we are expecting a significant outcome from this effort.

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