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Who are we?

We are Bridgecastle Information Management Ltd, trading as Castlebridge Associates.

We are a training and consulting company based in Ireland that specialises in Data Protection, Data Governance, and Information Quality.

Where are we (Location of Processing)?

Our postal address is: Castlebridge Associates, Invent Centre, DCU Glasnevin Dublin 9

You can email us directly:

You can phone us as well.

Personal Data is processed either at our offices or at other locations where staff are located from time to time.

What personal data do we process?

We process the following data:

  • Names and addresses
  • email addresses
  • IP addresses
  • Text submitted in webforms

We may also process personal data on behalf of our clients from time to time, subject to a formal contractual arrangement in all cases.

Why do we process it?

We process data for a variety of reasons:

  • Customer administration and CRM
  • To generate our email newsletter
  • To process registrations for training courses and certifications
  • Other day to day administration purposes that would be in our legitimate interests, including the identification and suppression of SPAM comments.

We may make data available on a case by case basis should we receive a valid request from law enforcement authorities.

Who do we share it with, and why?

As a rule, we don't share your data. Full stop.

  • We do, however, use a number of third party services (Eventbrite, Mailchimp etc.) to deliver services. Using these services requires your data to be processed by these organisations.
  • For events where sponsors require data on attendees, we will provide only details of industry sectors, and organisations who were represented, except where the event registration form has included consent to transfer your data.
  • For certification exams and quality assurance processes around certification and accreditation we provide access to data to accrediting bodies and provide data to them that you have given us. This is done only where required to complete an award of a certification or to register a candidate for certification.

Anti-Spam Processing

We use Mollom ( for our Spam detection and prevention processing. Mollom is based in Belgium. Their technology processes text submitted on forms to match it against common patterns of spam. 

Mollom uses data provided via our webforms in the following way:

...Service entails the processing of personal data (such as a website visitor's name or nickname, IP address, membership ID, OpenID, website URL and e-mail address), whereby the website visitors' messages will be analyzed by our [Mollom's] servers and/or moderators, stored on our servers, compared with other messages, and possibly rejected on the basis of this assessment. Your [i.e. Castlebridge Associates] website visitors' personal data submitted to us [i.e. Mollom] will also be used by us to optimize the performance of the Service and to provide the Service to other websites.

The privacy policy for Mollom's web service, including their data retention policy can be found at


We use cookies. But our mother told us if we had too many cookies we'd get fat and fall over. 

The cookies used by this site are listed below. 

We use Cookie Control to secure explicit consent for cookies we are using which are not essential for the operation of the site. We also truncate the cookies written by Google Analytics to reduce the identifiability of the data.

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You can find information on how to use browser settings to stop unwanted cookies here.


We use Google Analytics on this site. Google Analytics writes cookies to your device. We truncate the IP addresses in these cookies to de-identify individuals as much as possible.

Google Anaytics necessitates the transfer of some data to servers in the United States.


We take appropriate measures to ensure the security of personal data under our control and to prevent unauthorised access, disclosure, modification, or destruction of data. We have defined procedures and protocols for processing personal data including:

  • Staff induction training and information security briefings.
  • Information Security policy
  • Privacy Impact Assessments on new product or service developments

Data Retention

We retain only for the length of time necessary to provide services to customers, engage in marketing activities, and other legitimate purposes of the business.

Detailed Data Retention policies are available on request (note: policies are under review as of 2014/09/01 and updated policies will be published on this website)

Other Purposes

Other purposes for which Castlebridge Associates might process personal data can include:

Legal Action

Where necessary we will process personal data provided to us for the purposes of seeking legal advice or other legal purposes. Examples of such processing would include providing information to debt collection agencies in the event of persistent non-payment for products or services by an individual or Sole Trader.

Also, where we receive a formal request under Section 8 of the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003 we may be required to disclose personal data of site users and/or customers to An Garda Siochana, the Revenue Commissioners, or other relevant organisation.

System Logs, Maintenance, and Investigation of Data Security Breaches 

We process certain data, including IP addresses, as part of our internal system logging on this website to support the diagnosis of issues and maintenance of the site. 

In addition, we will make use of detailed system logs on our webhosting platform and within our CMS to support investigations of Data Security breaches. 

Crossborder Data Transfer

Other than where necessary as a result of our use of third party services, we do not transfer personal data outside the European Economic Area.

This website is hosted in Ireland, and we only use services that have demonstrated a willingness to work within the parameters of EU Data Protection laws. 

Your Rights

You have the rights to:

  1. Have the fact of processing of your personal data confirmed to you and details of who your data might be shared with or where we obtained it from provided to you
  2. Have a copy of your personal data provided to you in an intelligible format
  3. Have errors in data we hold about you corrected, or to have that data deleted (Right to rectification/erasure)
  4. Have data we hold about you excluded from certain categories of processing.

To exercise these rights, email You may be asked for additional data to verify your identity as part of processing requests to exercise your rights. You may also be charged the relevant statutory fee (at our discretion).

As Castlebridge Associates operates largely as a "virtualised" company and our team are regularly on-site with clients, we would ask that requests be submitted by email to ensure we receive them and can act on them promptly.

Updates or Questions

This Privacy Policy is reviewed quarterly to determine if it needs to be updated. The fact of any update will be communicated

  1. On this website's front page
  2. By email to subscribers to our mailing list
  3. By notification on Twitter.

It is also reviewed each time we add functionality to this website or introduce functionality here or on any other website we may operate.

Please direct any questions you may have directly to our Data Protection Officer -



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