The strategic value-add of data protection and data governance – what next after compliance?

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Gartner predicts that by 2023, 30% of CISOs effectiveness will be directly measured on the role’s ability to create value for the business. What does this mean for the non-security dimensions of data governance in organisations, particularly the Data Protection Officer role and the Data Governance function?

This webinar will explore the concept of Value-Add for functions that have traditionally been considered “cost-of-compliance” roles in organisations and how that should influence the data strategy for the organisation and the mission and vision of Data Governance leaders such as the Data Protection Officer in the organisation.

Topics to be addressed will include:

  • 2 years on, what has GDPR done for us?
  • Defining VALUE in data – what does that mean?
    • Reduced waste
    • Reduced cost
    • Improved efficiency
  • Lessons of Lockdown
  • Data Protection tools that can help add value (if done right)
  • The benefits of maturity of practices in data governance
  • The hidden costs of non-quality (and how to avoid them).
  • Making this relevant for your organisation
  • Defining the “Net Value Add Vision” for Data Governance and Data Protection


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