The role of Training and Competency development in Data Literacy and Data Transformation

Love to learn sign on wall data protection training and data education is about the love to learn about data and develop data literacyData Literacy is a foundation of Data Transformation

Data transformation moving to a mass-adoption mainstream for organisations of all sizes, particularly after the disruption of the last two years.

In addition to terms like “digital transformation”, we are seeing “Data Literacy” and “Digital Literacy” increasingly discussed as key concerns for organisations. However, age old mistakes risk being repeated. This means that the age old failure rates of 64%-74% of projects will continue to plague data-related change initiatives. Part of the answer is developing an effective skills roadmap for information professionals that supports a business-driven data literacy journey. This data literacy competency development needs to address data management as a business skill. And that business skill needs to be tool and technology independent as part of a sustainable data transformation strategy.

Castlebridge has been delivering training in data management since 2009 and we have contributed to the development of a number of professional certifications with leading organisations. We’ve also pioneered the delivery of data management and data literacy training in an online and blended format for over a decade. This webinar shares some of our insights and lessons learned in over 12 years working to change how people in organisations think about data.

What Attendees will Learn

In this webinar, Daragh O Brien, Peter Davey, and Katherine O’Keefe will share insights on the past, present, and future challenges of developing effective data competencies in your organisations to support sustainable data-driven change and digital transformations.

  • What is Data Literacy really? And are we really talking about competencies in context?
  • What can we learn from the “gold rushes” of previous disruptive change
  • Why is data management a vocational skill that needs to be developed?
  • The different pedagogic approaches that can be applied to learning (and what we’ve found that works)
  • Understanding data management skills and data literacy as a vocational skills framework (and what we’ve done in the past to try and help push that along).
  • The role of Continuous Improvement and Competency-based learning
  • The challenges of delivering data education in a Connected Working world.

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