Register of Processing Activities Theory and Practice (2 half-days remote workshop)

register of processing activities

10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Introduction and Purpose

This is a practical intensive workshop, introducing theory, principles, and tools in the practical context of real-life scenarios. This course is designed to provide practical guidance regarding the application of EU Data Protection law. This course addresses:

  • The key regulatory requirements for process documentation under Article 30 of GDPR
  • Relevant guidance from regulators and the European Data Protection Board
  • Practical application of relevant standard frameworks in data management

Over two ½day sessions delegates will learn the theory and practical application of standard frameworks to the requirements under GDPR to document processing activities and evidence effectiveness of governance and metrics.

Key Objectives

Delegates will be able to:

  • Define a processing activity involving personal data
  • Understand requirements for process documentation under Article 30 of GDPR
  • Compare advice and requirements from EU member state regulators
  • Discuss importance of data lineage for Article 30 documentation
  • Discuss the relevance of information classification and metadata for Article 30 documentation
  • Scope and identify relevant processing activities
  • Identify key process areas to meet requirements
  • Map processing activities in line with the requirements of Article 30
  • Identify value adds and discuss how to use Article 30 requirements for organizational improvement to support other obligations.


Training will be delivered through two ½ day online instructor-led workshops. Delegates will receive a certificate evidencing their attendance and the content covered for their own Continuous Professional Development records.


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