Practical ROPA – Understanding a practical approach to Article 30 GDPR [Deferred]

Join Castlebridge in the Maldron Hotel, Smithfield, Dublin 7 for an intensive half-day course that will walk you Maldron Hotel Smithfieldthrough our methodology for Registers of Processing Activities under Article 30 GDPR.

Delegates will learn:

  1. How to take a structured approach to drilling into the detail of a Register of Processing Activities in a way that helps avoid drowning in detail
  2. The importance of metadata as a concept in Registers of Processing activities, and how to define the core “data about data” that is at the heart of your business
  3. How to explain the down-stream benefits of a well defined Register of Processing Activities for risk management, training, and business process improvement in your organisation.

Delegates will also learn about key principles and practices for keeping the Register of Processing Activities up-to-date and how to integrate it into the day to day operation of your business.

This course is appropriate for DPOs, Data Managers, Data Analysts, or any one in a business role who is trying to get to grips with governing the personal data in their organisation.


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