Date(s) - 18/11/2019 - 22/11/2019
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Daragh O Brien and  Katherine O’Keefe are presenting two full-day tutorials at the Enterprise Data & Business Intelligence and Analytics Conference Europe,  18-22 November 2019, London.

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O Brien will speak on the subject ‘Landing the Plane: Ethical Information Management Where it Hits the Ground’

From the Gartner hype cycle to the front page of the news, the importance of a grounding in data ethics is becoming increasingly more visible. But is it just hype? How does “we need data ethics” look in day to day business decision making? Do you have appropriate systems of management in place to support ethical decisions and actions? This course is designed for leaders and information management professionals and provides a detailed framework and practical tools and techniques for implementing an ethical information management strategy.

Key takeaways for this session include:

  • An overview of fundamental Ethical Concepts as related to Information Management
  • Risk management, Information management practices
  • Using Data Privacy and Data Protection Law Compliance to focus Ethical Data use beyond compliance
  • Methods to align ethics with Information Governance
  • Practical tools for implementing an ethical information strategy

O’Keefe will be speaking on the subject, ‘The Post GDPR Landscape: Key Learnings in Data Protection and Practice’.

GDPR has landed, but it’s not “back to business as usual”.  We’re at the start of a new normal, and it’s a marathon not a sprint.  As the hype and panic about GDPR implementation begins to settle, it’s important not to assume the race is won (or lost) and lose focus.  Going beyond bare minimum “lip-service” to compliance and instead fostering an ethical compliance culture can be a competitive differentiator for organisations as well as generating business value internally. This workshop updates attendees on the core elements and requirements for compliance with the GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018 and ePrivacy law, and discusses how to develop and sustain business value from GDPR compliance.

Key takeaways for this session include:

  • Common challenges and pitfalls in the new regulatory environment
  • GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018
  • Updates on the draft ePrivacy Regulation and PECR
  • Leveraging GDPR compliance to sustain benefit for your organisation
  • Why the term GDPR must die


This is a fantastic opportunity to learn from leading experts and thought-leaders and where BI, Analytics and Data Management Professionals can meet, discuss and debate on how best to rise to the challenges faced by their organisations today and in the future. Register here