Ethics, Privacy and Cybersecurity for Business Workshop


The advent of GDPR, growing consumer concern about personal data breaches and increased public policy focus on the ethical implications of big data and AI are rapidly becoming a priority for businesses of all sizes. This workshop brings together a variety of experts to discuss the current landscape in ethics, data and cybersecurity with business stakeholders.

This day-and-a-half workshop will give businesses the opportunity to hear from and engage with international experts on the impact and challenges of ethics, privacy and cybersecurity issues through the following themed sessions

  • Setting the scene of ethics and privacy practice in Big Data and AI.
  • Skills and training to address the ethics, privacy and cybersecurity issues.
  • Ethics in Cybersecurity: research and practice in Europe
  • Managing Data Privacy: multinational enterprise perspective
  • Ethical Hacking: challenges and training
  • Policy and Regulatory perspective


Katherine O’Keefe, Chief Ethicist, Lead Data Governance & Data Protection Consultant at Castlebridge, will be taking part in the event presenting Data Ethics and Privacy in Practice on Tuesday, 11th June 2019

Conference details and registration can be found at the ADAPT Center website


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