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Katherine O’Keefe will be speaking at the Enterprise Data World, next March, with the session “… And They All Lived Happily Ever After (?)” – Fairy Tales, Parables, and Data (Oh My!)”

flyer saying castlebridge has a speaker in a conferenceStorytelling and narrative are often cited as key tools in change management. It’s easy to agree, after all, that in every fairy tale “they all lived happily ever after.” Of course, this isn’t always true. Often the mythology of the organization and its tribes can undermine the promised happy ending.

This session explores the parallels between the evolution of fairy tales and the role of crafted communications in Data Governance. Delegates will learn valuable insights and skills that will help them drive sustainable and sustained change in their organization and write their own happy ending.

Key takeaways include:

  •  The links between fairy tales and data management taxonomies
  •  The differences between fairy tales and parables and the narrative patterns that drive good yarns
  •  The link between stories, communication, and change management
  •  How to tell your own story to shape and sustain communication, meaning, and change

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