Do Fines Motivate Data Governance?

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2020 saw an increasing pace of fines for GDPR offences in a number of EU Member States, including Ireland. Some regulators have been criticised for not fining hard enough. Others have seen fines significantly reduced on appeal. 2020 also saw a significant fine for Citibank arising from failures in their data management processes and data governance functions.

But do fines motivate good data governance and good data management practices? What can we learn from other regulatory data mandates and the effectiveness of fines on the behaviour of organisations under their charge? What should we look for in a meaningful, effective, and dissuasive regulatory enforcement strategy?

In this webinar, Daragh O Brien will share insights on key questions that need to be considered when figuring out how to motivate data governance and good ‘data citizenship’ in your organisation, including laying out why organisations and regulators have fundamentally gotten this wrong consistently over the years. Topics to be addressed will include:

  • Data Governance – is it just about compliance? (Hint: it’s not, and anyone telling you it is doesn’t understand it).
  • The neuropsychology of risk and the problem of negative rewards (penalties)
  • Tools and techniques for shaping and navigating Data Governance change in your organisation and building a Data Governance Implementation Plan

Attendees will get insights based on bitter learned experience over two decades.


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