DG Vision – Data Governance & Stewardship

DG Vision Poster with Katherine O'Keefe

Katherine O’Keefe will be speaking on DG Visiton – Data Governance & Stewardship, Washington D.C., 9th December, on the tutorial “Words, Words, Words! Data and Words!”. 

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“I am not a data scientist. Are you?

I see the data, but what science do you do?


The patterns in our data tell fantastic tales,

But without scientific method, science fails

The power of our data’s undeniable

But have you checked your theory’s falsifiable?


If you create meaning with data and statistics

You may be data storytellers or data critics


But do you know the power of your metaphors?

You talk of definitions, but what are those words for?


If I’ve mischaracterized your methodology

I’m very glad to hear it, please accept my apology”



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