Data Protection and Connected Working/Remote Working

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Remote Working (aka Connected working or eWorking) is becoming a standard part of life in organisations. Less than a year ago it was considered a perk, and now it is an important part of keeping business going and delivering services in a variety of organisations.

The Irish Government is making telework/remote work a key strategic capability for the country. But the recent consultation by the Dept of Business Enterprise and Innovation on Remote Working highlighted a number of areas of concern. Data Protection was one area of concern that has not received much attention and is mentioned in a very high level manner in the Government’s 2019 Strategy on Remote Working.

Join Castlebridge’s Katherine O’Keefe for a whistlestop tour through some of the essential considerations for sustainable Connected Working.

  • Understand the different modes of Connected Working (Work From Home, Work From Hub, Work From Road)
  • Understand the differences between those modes from a data management and risk perspective
  • Learn how good data management practices can help enable and support connected working in an extended enterprise.
  • Learn about the basic data protection considerations for sustainable remote work
    • From the perspective of the organisation and the data that is being processed as part of its day to day operations
    • From the perspective of the employee and how the balance must be struck when monitoring workplace performance in a Connected context
  • Get an overview of how a Register of Processing Activities can help navigate the landscape of risks around Connected Working
  • Get insights into how DPIAs can be used to help manage a sustainable implementation
  • Find out about how other data management disciplines need to be considered to ensure your organisation operates sustainably in a Connected Work context.


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